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Add value to your resume

Looking for a job is frustrating. You send out countless resumes, you seem to be a perfect fit, but you never get a call. Or you are excited about a job opening, but you lack experience. You need to add value to your resume.

You can add value to your resume by:

  • Become an intern. Internships are not only for students, many paid internships have no student status requirements. Internships offer both experience and networking opportunities, and can lead to a job offer.
  • Volunteer. Experience can come from anywhere; it doesn’t have to be from employment. While many people associate volunteering with altruism, it can benefit your career as well. Your dream job is to be a fundraiser? Go volunteer for a local animal shelter or homeless shelter, and start a fundraiser. You want to be a Project Manager? Go volunteer in the industry you want to work in or any other industry that you are interested in. You will gain experience, and transferable skills. Project managers are needed in numerous industries, and you don’t need to be an engineer. Maybe you want to be a Finance Project Manager.
  • Keep learning. Just because your degree is hanging on your wall does not mean that you are done learning. Take continuing education classes, maybe you want to sharpen your computer skills, or your social media skills. Take industry related seminars, many are available online. Then when you get to an interview, you can discuss the classes and seminars you have taken, and how they relate to the position you are applying for.
  • Stay in contact with your references and know what they will say about you. Think of all the people who can attest to your unique skills and abilities, these people are your potential references. Having a pool of references to choose from allows you to choose the best people to highlight your unique skills and abilities for the opportunity you are applying for. You should have between three to seven references who can describe a project you worked on together, or a valuable skill that you have. Individuals with whom you have worked closely, including teammates, co-workers, and former clients can make excellent references.
  • Have an Electronic Reference Check. An Electronic Reference Check allows you to pose questions to your references detailing your unique skills and abilities, and projects you have worked on. An Electronic Reference Report can not only be attached to an online job application, it is available on your mobile phone or tablet, so you are always ready for an interview.

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