How not to “lose” your references

You worked hard. You saved your company money. Your project came in under budget. You wrote the playbook for your division. You developed the best practices which your company now uses. You mentored others. Now, how do you prove it? Your references can back up your resume. It is important that your references expound upon your achievements while … Continue reading “How not to “lose” your references”

Why you need a professional Reference Check Service

Are you getting interviews but no job offer? Then you need to pay attention to your references. Employers do contact applicants’ references before offering employment. Many qualified job applicants do not get job offers because when the prospective employer contacts former employers to conduct a reference check, the former employer leaves a negative job reference. … Continue reading “Why you need a professional Reference Check Service”

Are your references ruining your chance for the job you want?

Your resume and cover letter may be great, but what about your references? Your references can make or break you when it comes to landing a job. References can either confirm or deny your value as an employee to a recruiter or potential employer. It is very important that a recruiter or potential employer have … Continue reading “Are your references ruining your chance for the job you want?”

Add value to your resume

Looking for a job is frustrating. You send out countless resumes, you seem to be a perfect fit, but you never get a call. Or you are excited about a job opening, but you lack experience. You need to add value to your resume. You can add value to your resume by: Become an intern. Internships … Continue reading “Add value to your resume”

What rights do you have when you apply for a job?

If an employer uses a background investigation company to conduct a background check on you, the employer must notify you that a background check will be conducted and provide the name of the company that will conduct the background investigation. The employer must also obtain your written authorization to conduct a background check. You have … Continue reading “What rights do you have when you apply for a job?”

E-Reference Check Reports

You can include your ERC report when you submit an employment application or resume and get the recruiter’s attention. You can also post your report on LinkedIn, Facebook and anywhere else you want.  Employers are open to the idea of pre-screening applicants since it saves them time and money in the background investigation process. Using … Continue reading “E-Reference Check Reports”

Plan of action ~ Utilize business acumen when applying for jobs

A recent survey of HR professionals show that 45% of the recruiters and hiring managers were dissatisfied with a candidate’s awareness of the employer’s business and customers. In reality, why would a recruiter hire you if you have little knowledge of the employer and you do not take the time to understand the underlying business … Continue reading “Plan of action ~ Utilize business acumen when applying for jobs”

Identifying the best employment references.

References can impress a recruiter, make you a front runner for a position, and advance your career. The most important step in a successful job search begins with your current employment. Building a base of experience, successfully providing value to the employer and exceeding expectations are achievements that can be used to build your career … Continue reading “Identifying the best employment references.”

Three important reasons to interview candidate references.

Is the most qualified candidate offered the position, or is that the individual with the best resume? Everyone has seen the statistics relating to the false information provided on a resume. But not every candidate provides false information. The only way to rectify the situation is reference checking. It is a question of either using … Continue reading “Three important reasons to interview candidate references.”