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Get the Recruiter’s Attention- How to Contact Recruiters and Managers

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The first in a series of articles to help you advance your career

Why does attempting to get the recruiter’s attention by email or LinkedIn rarely generate a response? Time to look at a new approach. Recruiters are extremely busy people juggling many aspects of the onboarding process. They have learned how to economize their time with common sense approaches to filter the load of emails, LinkedIn requests along with prospects from the Applicant Tracking System. What is the best plan to contact recruiters? If you are not utilizing a brief message that highlights your value for particular position, you’re wasting your time.

Reaching out to recruiters is not a numbers game where you hope that you will get one offer for every 100 emails. Sending the same generic message to 100’s of recruiters is a great way to ensure failure. Recruiters can spot spamming with the click of a mouse.

Create a Concise Introduction

The best method is to take a quality over quantity approach. One of the most efficient methods is to research job openings a recruiter currently has open on LinkedIn for a match with your skills.

When you contact recruiters, don’t begin with “Would love to talk”. Mention the job you are seeking in the subject line and very briefly give the recruiter and incentive to look further with an additional comment that shows that you have the experience required in the job posting.

Brevity wins, present your value to get the recruiter’s attention

Emailing or messaging multiple paragraphs droning on about what you are looking for and your qualifications are sure to be ignored. You have less than a minute to get the recruiter’s attention. Your message should be short and clear conveying your value proposition with the experience required for the position. A brief summary of your qualifications in 3 to 5 bullet points will do the job.

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