Reference tools to make graduates more competitive. Verification tools to help make compliance more efficient.

As the value of Higher Education continues to be scrutinized, it is incumbent upon postsecondary schools, colleges, and universities to evidence productive outcomes for their graduates. The ultimate and most desirable outcome for graduates is success in job placement and viable career opportunities.

Through our E-Verification Check (EVC), postsecondary schools receive secure and accurate feedback from employers that document job descriptions, verify earnings, and evaluate job preparedness of graduates.

In addition to offering verified accountability as to employment outcomes, the EVC can configured to solicit qualitative feedback that offers important insights into curricula development and training enhancements that can better position graduates and program participants for improved employment readiness.

As an added benefit, colleges and universities can be more productive in their job placement outcomes and career assistance services by supplementing graduate resumes using our E-Reference Check (ERC). With each new application and employment prospect, you can target the references that bring your graduates the most value and highlight the skills that best position them for success.