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Will Resumes Lose Their Relevance?

Resume A.I. vs. Applicant Tracking Systems A.I.?

The ability of any candidate to create a logical and informative resume has been in question for as long as there have been resume writers and consultants actually doing the work. Now, a new kid on the block, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), is aiming to put resume writers out of business and create a whole new issue for the onboarding process. AI products have been used for many years to write term papers for high school, college students, and a graduate student’s thesis.

Resume A.I. vs. Applicant Tracking Systems A.I.? Who is the person applying to your company?

Now A.I. has turned its attention to writing resumes to combat the ATS A.I. analysis of the candidate’s experience to determine if the resume matches the must have requirements programmed into the ATS for the job opening. How will A.I. handle this task? Resume writing A.I. will receive input from the candidate regarding their employment and experiences on one end and the requirements for the position will be entered in the end. Somewhere in the middle, A.I. will develop a resume ensuring that the candidate’s experiences match what the ATS A.I. is checking, FOR EVERY CANDIDATE!

What happens when every candidate matches the position requirements? Human resources will be back to where we were before ATS was created. ATS has often been criticized since it is unable to determine a candidate’s soft skills, problem solving abilities, ability to work in a team, and could dismiss a highly qualified candidate who is unable to match their skills in the resume to the requirements for the position to which they are applying. The value of ATS is now challenged by another conundrum. has solutions that will enhance your resume and get the recruiter’s attention!

How can candidates enhance their resume in the current application climate? Candidates should create a personal brand and a portfolio that confirms their experiences, hard and soft skills and their value to a potential employer. A TABB INC. subsidiary,, works with candidates to engage references with whom they have worked including supervisors, peers, coworkers, Human Resources, and others.

Responses from references populate into an easy to read report that includes a URL that a candidate can paste into their resume. With just one click, recruiters and hiring managers confirm your experiences and abilities that are included in your resume before the time-consuming interview process.

Imagine. At the early stage of the hiring process, you will have a competitive edge over other candidates for the same position with an enhanced resume that includes reference evaluations confirming your experiences and highlighting your value to a potential employer.

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