How will your resume get the recruiter’s attention? Career And Talent Hub has the solution.

The Career And Talent Hub E-Reference Check (ERC) technology will work with you engage your references, enhance your resume with relevant recommendations, and earn a competitive edge in the job market.

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Seeking Employment

Job seekers generally take a passive approach to the employment process; search, apply and wait for a phone call.

You can be proactive and advance to the front of the line ahead of other candidates applying for the same job you want; the job you really need to move forward in your career.

Enhance your resume with the ERC and submit confirmation of your experiences at the earliest stage of the hiring process for review by recruiters.

We reversed the recruiting process to position reference checks and skill verifications for review by recruiters in the initial stage of the application process rather than at the end.

Instead of hoping and waiting to be asked to submit references if you are a finalist for the position, our platform allows candidates to apply for a job with documentation of relevant experience from current and former employers, supervisors and others at the earliest stage of the hiring process for review by recruiters and hiring managers.

Currently Employed? We will work with you

If you are currently employed, how are you going to advance your career? Find job satisfaction? Gain financial stability?

Build a resume for success. Even if you currently have a job, you may realize that it is just temporary as you plan your next move to advance your career. In other cases, the status of your current role or the business itself may be unstable.  By using our reference tools, you can obtain evaluations from your current and former employers and supervisors that will afford you an employment advantage when given the opportunity to change jobs and advance your career.


How will you prepare for competitive internships and a career after graduation?

The ERC works with freshmen and sophomores to obtain recommendations  that can be used when submitting applications for competitive  internships, and scholarships.

Juniors and seniors can capture recommendations from their internship(s), employment,  professors, and others to prepare a resume with confirmed experiences that will get the recruiter’s attention upon graduation.

Self Employed / Gig Worker

People working in the Gig economy may change jobs frequently or even have multiple jobs at the same time. Gig workers can use the ERC to obtain their next gig and even show the value of your services that could increase your compensation for your work.

Self-employed and Independent contractors also need recommendations to land their next position or to secure additional employment as many are working with multiple clients at the same time.

The ERC process will assist with your search for your next assignment, ensuring that you have the quality references and resume you need for continued employment and the opportunity to compete for higher wages.

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