Imagine. What if a candidate could provide an employer with not just a resume but a place where the employer could view digital references and an evaluation of the candidate’s professional experiences with just one click of a button, at the earliest stage in the hiring process? Our Electronic Reference Check “ERC” allows candidates to engage references, and impress employers, in just three easy steps:

Step 1: Enter the reference’s name, email address, and the candidate’s interaction with the reference.

Step 2: The ERC will generate unique questions for references based on entries made in Step 1.

Candidates will have the option to send the standard questions generated by the ERC to references or to delete any of the standard questions and create specific questions relating to their occupation, education or professional activities to highlight their unique experiences.

These questions will offer references the opportunity to further comment on the unique nature of a candidate’s abilities, duties, performance and accomplishments.

Step 3: The questionnaire will be emailed to the references. Responses from references will populate into an easy to read digital ERC report.

Each ERC report includes a unique URL that candidates can copy and paste into a resume. With just one click, recruiters and hiring managers can review an evaluation of the experience listed on the resume.

The link can be included in applications for employment, job boards, social media and when emailing recruiters and hiring.