How to get a reference when you’re new to the job market?

If you are new to the job market and are not sure how to get a reference our subsidiary, CAREERANDTALENTHUB, will work with you to easily interact with your references and obtain recommendations that will highlight your unique skills and value to a potential employer. How are you going to get the recruiter’s attention? Submit your … Continue reading “How to get a reference when you’re new to the job market?”

Will Resumes Lose Their Relevance?

Resume A.I. vs. Applicant Tracking Systems A.I.? The ability of any candidate to create a logical and informative resume has been in question for as long as there have been resume writers and consultants actually doing the work. Now, a new kid on the block, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), is aiming to put resume writers out … Continue reading “Will Resumes Lose Their Relevance?”

Know your rights as a candidate

You have a right to dispute inaccurate information in a background investigation ADP’s background-check screening arm, incorrectly reported a Connecticut candidate was a convicted drug dealer, when in fact this individual did not have a record. ADP used its own proprietary software, “ADP Crim Radar,” and a third-party vendor, to conduct a search at a … Continue reading “Know your rights as a candidate”

Pay Transparency:  17 States Enacted Transparency Legislation

Pay Transparency There are currently 17 states in the U.S. that have laws around pay transparency. Generally speaking, these laws allow employees to freely discuss their pay. Come April of 2022, employers in New York City will be required to post the salary range for every job opening they have, including promotions and transfers. This is … Continue reading “Pay Transparency:  17 States Enacted Transparency Legislation”

The Challenges of Recruiting Recruiters

By Roy Maurer SHRM Online Manager/Editor, Talent Acquisition The Challenges of Recruiting Recruiters. Employers have been in a hiring frenzy since the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic stabilized in 2021. The U.S. unemployment rate sits at 3.6 percent, the lowest rate since right before the pandemic began, while job openings are at record highs. Many employers … Continue reading “The Challenges of Recruiting Recruiters”

How to Write a Resume That Boosts Your Career in HR

How to write a resume that boost your career in HR, by Mary Southern, CareerAssassin. There is a significant difference between reading hundreds or thousands of resumes and writing your own. When was the last time you updated your resume? Is it still listing your experience like a job description? Will yours make it through … Continue reading “How to Write a Resume That Boosts Your Career in HR”

Artificial Intelligence, AI, Algorithms & EEOC-What Job Seekers Must Know

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and algorithms have been the subject of ongoing Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) discriminatory violations. A newly released guidance from EEOC discusses how algorithmic hiring tools can be discriminatory against people with disabilities. Employers who utilize algorithmic processes should take note to ensure that your practices are not in violation of the … Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence, AI, Algorithms & EEOC-What Job Seekers Must Know”

How a Great Resume is Your Foundation to Advance Your Career

Your resume is the foundation of your job search, and ultimately employment in the role you seek and the employer where you want to work. Creating a well-defined resume isn’t easy. It is difficult, involves research, and it is time-consuming. The Internet is filled with resume resources, some of which are contradictory, to assist you … Continue reading “How a Great Resume is Your Foundation to Advance Your Career”

A Great Cover Letter and a Great Resume, Plan for Success

Develop a Cover Letter That Will Advance Your Career You spend a great looking for the right job, don’t cut corners on the cover letter. The cover letter is your first test. If you haven’t taken the time to prepare one that will get the recruiter’s attention and immediately sells your value and skills to … Continue reading “A Great Cover Letter and a Great Resume, Plan for Success”

Get the Recruiter’s Attention- How to Contact Recruiters and Managers

The first in a series of articles to help you advance your career Why does attempting to get the recruiter’s attention by email or LinkedIn rarely generate a response? Time to look at a new approach. Recruiters are extremely busy people juggling many aspects of the onboarding process. They have learned how to economize their … Continue reading “Get the Recruiter’s Attention- How to Contact Recruiters and Managers”